Garnier Moisture Rescue Refresh Gel Cream Review


As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been on quite the quest this year for a new winter skin care routine. My face has reacted quite poorly to the ups and downs of the weather, in the form of dry, flaky patches, tightness, itching, and obnoxious little whiteheads. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; trying to treat sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin is a real pain in the ass.

So, while I fell back in love with Eucerin (in the form of their Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme) for a nightly dose of super hydration, I found that it was a little too thick for daytime application. Skipping a morning moisturizer wasn’t an option, so I needed to find something lighter–yet still hydrating–to apply first thing before my makeup. I searched the internet high and low, finally stumbling upon another hidden gem at the drugstore: Garnier’s Moisture Rescue Refresh Gel Cream.


Garnier promises that this ultra lightweight, oil-free refreshing formula will lock in moisture for 24 hours. It looks a little weird in the pot–kind of like green slime–but its actually really nifty! (And that green tint does not transfer to your face; it applies clear.) I’m not sure why they chose to call it a “Gel Cream” because the texture is definitely gel-like, without much creaminess to it. It did not somehow transform from a gel to a cream on my face, which I might have slightly been hoping for, but it did sink in fast, without leaving behind any tacky residue (which I find gels are prone to). There is a light, somewhat refreshing, sweet aloe scent to this product. It actually feels a bit cool going on to the skin, but in a pleasant–dare I say it again–refreshing way, rather than a dread cold-tingly way.

(I’m so eloquent, aren’t I?)




I really like this moisturizer! I’ve been using this every morning for about two weeks now and I’m happy to say it is living up to its claims. It absorbs fast and leaves my skin feeling well hydrated. When I take my makeup off in the evening, I still look fresh and am not noticing any flakes. As this formula is meant for Normal/Combo skin, I can’t say that this product alone would work as well, especially considering how dry I’ve been. However, it is working great for me as a daytime moisturizer and might be a great find for someone looking for a similar level of hydration, or someone with an oilier skin type who is looking for a gentle yet refreshing moisturizer.

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