Pixi Brightening Peach Correction Concentrate Review

Pixi Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach

“Highly pigmented, this correction concealer instantly erases dark circles, softens and blurs lines while treating delicate skin. Skin immediately looks fresh, rested, bright and youthful. This ultimate ‘good night’s sleep in a jar’ camouflage cream is correction perfection in a pot.”

I am a Target shopaholic. Seriously; I walk in that store to grab one thing, and an hour later I emerge with a cart full of stuff I had no intention of buying. (Usually forgetting that one thing I went in for in the first place; but that’s neither here nor there.) Clothes, makeup, home goods–even food. I just can’t help myself. Don’t even get me started on their $1.50 socks. I probably have more fun socks than any one person ever needs in life, yet I always swing by and pick up another pair or two when I’m there. I don’t know what it is. Maybe there’s something hypnotic about that big red target…

I also have terrible under eye circles. (Stay with me a moment–there is a connection between these two topics, I promise.) With my super pale skin, the area under my eyes is terribly translucent. Every minute of sleep I miss, every drop of water I fail to drink, shows up under my eyes the next day. Even worse, there is a vein that is particularly prominence under my left eye. I am forever trying to find an under eye concealer that works on me, being both heavy enough to conceal without so thick that it looks chalky or creases. Its been an uphill battle that I had begun to despair of ever winning.

Then, I came across this Pixi Correction Concentrate in “Brightening Peach” at Target one day. Its promises to be lightweight, color correcting and good for my delicate under-eye skin sounded too good to be true. I just had to give it a try.

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