The Modern Mystic Shop is live and you can save 10% with WELCOME10!

When I’m not writing fiction, I’m often slinging cards as a tarot reader. It probably surprises no one here that I am allllllllll about the #girlboss life! I will never giving up that dream of one day leaving my day job to write and read for you all full time instead! So, to my can’t-stop-won’t-stop mentality, the next logical step was to push my tarot reading up to the next level, giving me that extra income that will (maybe) allow me to spend more time writing and less time answering phones in the near future!

This month, I officially launched my own Etsy shop, loving called The Modern Mystic after my quirky brand of personal spirituality. A wide variety of customized tarot readings are available (with more being added all the time), as well as my most exciting new pet project: a monthly tarot subscription box!


Ain’t she pretty?!

To celebrate this much anticipated launch, and to thank each and every one of you beautiful souls for your continued support of my wacky little Warding world, I invite you to stop on by and take a look at the other passion in my life. From now until October 14th, you can use the code WELCOME10 to receive 10% off ANYTHING in the shop… including the multi-month tarot box subscriptions and a one of a kind custom tarot reading!

I think its pretty cool and hope you will to. Head on over and take a look. Tell your friends. Keep being awesome.

And have no fear; I haven’t forgotten Caitlin. She and I spent far too much of this year not seeing eye to eye, but I’m feeling myself again and am finally back to steady work on The Last Dance. The next installment of The Warding will be out in early 2018. Later than I wanted, but not by too terribly much. Promise.


Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review – In Depth

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Flaunt your natural side with a look that appears so effortless you can wear it before breakfast or after dark. Natural Eyes is a palette of nine richly-pigmented shadows that pair perfectly and blend beautifully!”

I was super excited when I found out that the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette would be included in our April POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Now yes, yes; I know I need more neutral eye shadows like I need a hole in my head. I am fully aware that I currently have a sick amount of browns and taupes and similar colors in my collection, between the MAC palettes I have created and the pre-made neutral palettes I have purchased (like my beloved Urban Decay Naked palettes) but… What can I say? I just love eyeshadow and I love neutrals even more! They are the colors I find myself reaching for most frequently, so they kind of fall under that “you can never have too many” mentality. As much as I love to rock a bright green eye, that’s not always appropriate for the office–yet neutrals are always in style.

I was even more excited when I realized that the Natural Eye Palette we were receiving was the new, updated version that included three new shadows not featured in the previous incarnation. (Not that I own the previous version, so I can’t compare, really… I just like knowing we got the shiny, new version I guess.)

I briefly described the palette in my original POPSUGAR review, but promised a more in-depth look at it once I had the time to play around with it. I’ve been wearing it all week, so let’s take a more in-depth look at what this palette has to offer…

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