Tarot Decks

My tarot decks are now available for order directly from the printer!

The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot

The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot is an art deck, featuring the beautiful works of master artists from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edmund Blair Leighton, John Collier, John William Waterhouse, and more.

Named for their romantic art and the artistic spirit their works embodied, this deck is a 78-card deck in Rider-Waite Smith style, but far from traditional. It speaks on a deep down, intuitive level through its medieval art, and touches the soul.

Updated and Expanded 4th Edition decks will be available for purchase directly from the printer, as of June 13th 2023. Until then, the 3rd Edition is still available. Previous editions came with a printed keyword cheat-sheet, which can now be downloaded from my Etsy shop. A separate, matching UV printed wooden box is also available for purchase.

Emerging From Darkness: Tarot for Shadow Work

Shadow work is a valuable personal tool—scary and uncomfortable at times but also integral to our self-developmental processes. Once we have accepted a particular shadow part of ourselves, we can allow the old wounds that caused it to heal, opening ourselves up to new possibilities with a deeper understanding of our own psyches moving forward.

Done in black and white with pops of color as murky as our subconscious, this modern 78-card tarot deck takes the  Rider-Waite style and marries it with modern, down-to-earth photo-realistic art so that it can focus on the shadow connections of the Major Arcana and how they can be used to identify the hidden aspects of our psyche.

2nd Edition decks are available for purchase directly from the printer, housed in a plain, white tuckbox with a link to a download of a full PDF guidebook. Previous editions came with a printed keyword cheat-sheet, which can now be downloaded from my Etsy shop. A separate, matching UV printed wooden box is also available for purchase.

The Beautiful Lenormand

The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot has a little sister! Like her big sister, this 36 card, poker-sized deck features the works of some of the Pre-Raphaelite masters, as well as other painters and illustrators who lived around their time, making it a gorgeous companion for reading with the BR, or for reading alone in traditional Lenormand style.

This deck combines the straightforward advice of the Lenormand with romantic art that speaks to our intuition. This deck comes in a printed tin box with a printed keyword booklet.

The Emergence Pocket Oracle

Available in Fall 2023!

A poker-sized oracle deck with a Lenormand core, this 54-card deck can be used alone or alongside the Emerging From Darkness Tarot to go deeper into shadow work.

… a new oracle deck coming (hopefully) in 2024!

I am at work on an oracle deck dedicated to working with The Morrigan, but no publication date is set at this time.

Keep an eye on my social media for updates if you’d like to learn more about this deck as it is created!

“Robin L. Cole’s new Emerging from Darkness Tarot gives us cards so sharp and scintillating with meaning that anyone will be able to use it immediately.  Its contemporary view of our world supports the reading of learner and professional tarot user alike. I highly recommend this tarot, after having used a prototype of it for the last few months. It  eloquently brings our questions out of doubt into clarity.”

~ Caitlín Matthews, author of The Complete Arthurian Tarot, Untold Tarot, and The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook

“This Pre-Raphealite deck (The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot) is absolutely beautiful, from hand-made packaging to the paintings chosen. The pdf guidebook is well written and lovely and I plan on doing exactly what was suggested: print it on glossy paper and create my own “art book”. That being said, if the guidebook is ever released hard-bound, I would definitely buy it. Everything about this deck was incredibly thought out. I LOVE the feel of the cards. They fan beautifully and shuffle like a dream. I “oohed” and “aahed” over the packaging when I unboxed it.”

~ Erisa_Evelyn, Etsy customer