Zoya Nail Polish in Cole Review

Zoya Nail Polish in Cole

I freely admit that I bought this nail polish just for the name.

I have that terrible habit; I’m sucked in by cute or bad-ass sounding names and buy far more polish than I really need (especially considering I’ve had a gel French manicure for going on four years and only wear traditional nail polish on my toes). So, when we Ipsy subscribers got a bottle of Zoya nail polish in our February bags, I told myself that that was one discount code I would definitely be skipping… Until I saw someone mention the had ordered the color “Cole” in a makeup forum post.


A nail polish with my last name? (Never would have had that happen with my maiden name, let me tell you.)


Zoya Nail Polish in Cole Label

This color is from their Awaken collection, which I believe is their newest line. Zoya describes this color as: “…can be best described as a full-coverage peach whisper cream (originally released during NYFW as Stella for Peter Som’s SS14 Collection).

Color Family – Orange
Finish – Cream
Intensity – 4 ( 1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque )
Tone – Warm”

Peach whisper cream; doesn’t that sound fancy? This is a cream formula, as promised, though I found it a little lacking in opacity. I had to use three coats to obtain the swatch below; the first two still left it looking a bit streaky. Once that third coat dried, it did look smooth and fairly opaque. Not a deal-breaker, but a surprise as I did not have that problem with the other two colors I have tried from Zoya.

I ordered this one sight unseen, but luckily Cole turned out to be both a color unlike anything I already owned and a color I actually think I like, rather than a novelty that would sit in my nail polish bin, unused. I’m not too keen on oranges usually, but this polish is a muted, subtle kind of orange. It looks more peach in the bottle and a tad bit warmer once it dries on the nail, but I would still almost consider it a pretty neutral shade.

I think this will be a nice transition color into the warmer months and look forward to wearing it this spring.


Zoya Nail Polish in Cole Swatch


This is the first time I purchased a Zoya nail polish myself; all the colors I owned previously were beauty subscription finds. I can’t say I’m over the moon about the formula; its not my favorite, but its nice. Still; this is a very pretty shade unlike anything else I owned… And, hey, how could I pass up the opportunity to wear my own name on my toesies?

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