OCC Lip Tar Trio Set – Metallics Review

OCC Lip Tar Trio Metallic Set

More Lip Tars, Robin?

Yes; more Lip Tars!!! (Can you sense my excitement? Should I add more exclamation points to make it clearer?)

Standard recap applies, so let me repeat what OCC Lip Tars are quickly. (Again, for those who know, or read one of my previous posts, you can skip this bit and head on to the review of this set after the jump.) OCC stands for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Lip Tars are quite possibly the product that they are best known for. They are liquid lipsticks that apply like a gloss, going on slick and moist, but drying down to a satin or matte lipstick-like finish. They come in dozens of colors, and can be mixed to create custom shades. They are vegan, free of cruelty, and gluten-free. One thing to note is that they do contain peppermint oil for preservative purposes, so if you are sensitive to that oil or its scent, keep that in mind. Being Queen of Sensitive Skin over here, I can say that for me they did not cause any sort of reaction, other than being a bit drying.

Alright; let’s get on to the review!

This set is one of the two newer OCC Lip Tar Trios that Sephora has recently started carrying. I own one of the two originals set, the Neutral set–reviewed here–and was very excited when I saw this new variety being offered. Like the Neutral set, the colors that come in this set are all full sized tubes (0.33oz). A full-sized OCC Precision Lip Brush is included as well. At $39.50 for the set (versus the $18.o0 for a single tube), its a great value.

The colors included in this set are, obviously, all metallic finishes (vs. their original, matte formula). According to OCC: “Infused with state of the art hi-resolution metallic pigments, the unparalleled opacity of Lip Tar has gone high-voltage with an intense shimmer finish.”

Make no mistake about it; metallic Lip Tars are very shimmery. They all contain a fine, micro-glitter type substence that I have a bittersweet relationship with. They look stunning on the lips but, man, are they a pain in the ass to remove! Those little, shimmery particles stick in every crevice and take some serious makeup remover to get rid of t the end of the day. Despite that, I do love the metallic finish–I think they are much more forgiving on dry lips than the original formula, and that they wear a bit better on me in the long run.

In this set you will get Pris, Yaoi and Roleplay.


OCC Lip Tar Trio Metallic Set Swatches
From left to right: Pris, Yaoi, and Roleplay

OCC Lip Tar Trio Metallic Set Pris Lip SwatchPrispalest champagne metallic

Pris is a gorgeous color but one that I find difficult to wear alone. I love the champagne-y beige shade of it, and it has plenty of silvery sparkle, but alone it just washes me out. Also, this shade is the one I found most difficult to work with alone; it really settles into every line in my lips no matter how I apply it.

Layered over or mixed with another color, however? Beautiful. It adds a wonderful shimmer and helps to gently mute down some of the wilder tones, making them a bit more wearable in a general, daily setting.

OCC Lip Tar Trio Metallic Set Yaoi Lip SwatchYaoi –  true fuchsia metallic


This is a fun, funky shade. Make no mistake about it, this one is bright with tons of shimmer, giving it an almost frosty finish. It is a true, cool, blue-based fuchsia that makes a great statement lip. As soon as I swatched this one, I turned to my husband and blurted out, “Oh my God; I have to wear this one to Comic Con this year!”

Yup; that’s just the sort of wild and crazy I am.

OCC Lip Tar Trio Metallic Set Roleplay Lip SwatchRoleplay – deep maroon with red pearl

Roleplay was the least shimmery of the trio; it definitely has more of a opalescent shimmer than a glittery shimmer (which made sense, after I read the color description).

I love OCC reds and this one is no exception; its a beautiful, deeply saturated maroon. That metallic finish gives it just the right pop, keeping it lively and fresh on the lips. Lovely!


Loving this line!

While I love the original Lip Tar formula, I’m really finding the metallic ones suit me best. They apply smoothly, last forever, and don’t tend to look as dry on me as the original does after a few hours.

They are also wonderful for mixing with original formula Lip Tars, to add a bit of sparkle to your custom colors.

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