Welcome to the home of indie fantasy author and tarot creator Robin L. Cole

Robin L. Cole is a quirky New Jersey based indie fantasy author and tarot creator who likes to game, cook, read tarot cards, and play with makeup when she is not writing. She writes the dark and snarky, emotionally-driven urban fantasy series The Warding. “Iron” was her first full-length publication, and its sequel, “Faster,” was released in fall of 2016. She has also written “First Hunt,” the first of many short stories set in the Warding world. She is at work on the next full length book in the series, “The Last Dance,” and hopes to release it in 2020.

In addition to The Warding, the first novel in her brand new sword and sorcery series The Legacy of the Tse’yekana is also expected out in 2020. Titled “Night of the Hunter,” this epic tale of harkens back to the hayday of fantasy series like Dragonlance, yet is anything but traditional.

On the tarot end of the spectrum, she not only reads the cards–but creates them as well! She considers herself to be he curator of The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot Deck, an independently published deck featuring the romantic, medieval imagery of masters such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, Edmund Blair Leighton, John Collier, John William Waterhouse, and more. The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot sold out in under a year, and she hopes to bring out a new edition in fall of 2020!

Her next tarot endeavor, Emerging from Darkness: A Shadow Work Tarot Deck, and an accompanying workbook that explains and illustrates the process of personal shadow work for healing will be coming to Kickstarter in 2020! Daily reveals of the cards have started on her Instagram account.

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