NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX-Butter-GlossHello, my name is Robin and I am a NYX Butter Gloss addict.

I always favored gloss over lipstick, as I have had chronically dry lips as far I can remember, but one thing that had always driven me nuts is how sticky most glosses are. I had long hair for most of my life and we all know how well that pairs with most lip glosses; I was constantly pulling it away from my lips and getting frustrated with the gooey feeling on my lips. Ick.

Enter my holy grail lip gloss: NYX Cosmetics’ Butter Glosses.

NYX says: “Buttery soft and silky smooth, our scrumptious new Butter Lip Gloss tastes as sweet as a sugar cookie—and makes your lips look downright luscious. Swipe it on alone or over your favorite lipstick for creamy sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips and is never sticky.”

Oh, NYX, you had me at silky smooth…

As you can see from the line-up above, I currently own eight shades of NYX Butter Gloss. There are 22 shades total in the line, some of which were just added at the start of the year. I tend to gravitate more to the nude and coral shades, though they currently have some fun brights (such as the shocking fuchsia Sugar Cookie) and deep reds (like the luscious, plummy Devil’s Food Cake) that I’m dying to add to my collection. I have the feeling that I will collect them all in time, as I have enjoyed their formula leaps and bounds beyond any other gloss I have ever tried. Now, I haven’t loved every single shade I’ve purchased, but the likes far outweigh the dislikes thus far.

As I favor an effortless lip on most workdays, these are the lip products I reach for most frequently. They pair well with lipsticks but, honestly, I find myself wearing them alone more often than not. They are all decently pigmented for a gloss, feel lovely on the lips, and wear for a good three to four hours at a time before needing another swipe of product as a touch-up. They all have that smooth, cushion-y feel on the lips and while they add slip, they are not at all sticky. They have what I would consider a mid-range shine to them; they’re definitely not matte but neither are they so high shine or shimmery that your lips look like a disco ball.

All product swatches were done with one swipe of the applicator.

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Angel-Food-Cake-SwatchAngel’s Food CakeTrue mauve

I believe this is one of the newer shades, as I had not seen it before the start of the year.

This is quickly becoming a favorite in my collection. This is a “my lips but better” shade of gloss. It adds the perfect touch of rosy richness to my lips, with that satiny smooth finish I love from these glosses. There is a slightly plummy undertone to this gloss, which keeps it from pulling too pink on me. It is a lovely color that works as an everyday color or a nice, muted lip paired with a smoky eye.


I don’t know if I agree with the dull color description NYX gave to this color. Yes, its a nude shade–but “brown”? Nude, perhaps, or even tan, but not brown. Brown makes me think dark or muddy and this gloss is anything but. To me, this is pinky-nude, plain and simple.

Before discovering Angel’s Food Cake, Tiramisu was my favorite shade in the line. It makes a nice, shiny nude lip, with just enough of a pink undertone to keep it from appearing too flat on the lips. I wore this one just about every day for weeks on end. It looks great with so many different eye combinations, its a great, no-brainer gloss to have in the collection.

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Creme-Brulee-SwatchCreme BruleeNatural

Again, I have a little bit of a problem with NYX’s description. This shade is a tad to light to be called natural, and if that’s true for my pale ass I wonder how many other people out there could call this one “natural.” I see it as more of a light pink with nude undertones (pretty much the exact opposite of Tiramisu, if that makes sense in anyone else’s mind but mine).

This shade is very sheer and a touch milky. It is probably my least favorite of all the shades that I own, as I don’t feel it does much for  my lips. It adds some shine but not much color. What color is does add tends to settle into the creases in my lips, so I rarely wear this shade alone. It can be nice layered over a lipstick, however.


This pink is cool with a lavender sheen on me.

The color is very pretty, but like Creme Brulee, it appears a bit too milky on the lips. I like it a touch more than I do Creme Brulee, but it still isn’t one I normally wear alone. It fares a bit better, and I notice more shimmer in this shade than I do in any of the others. It is great, I’ve found, for sheering out darker lipsticks where I want to mute the color and add a touch of shine.

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Vanilla-Cream-Pie-SwatchVanilla Cream PieMauve

Maybe that this color is why they came out with Angel’s Food Cake and called that one “true mauve”–because I don’t think Vanilla Cream Pie comes anywhere close to being mauve! On my lips this is pink, straight up. Cool, barbie pink.

I like the opacity of this one; it adds enough color to stand on its own. However, this isn’t a color I gravitate towards. I don’t tend to like bright pinks on myself, unless they lean more coral. Its not a bad color, and I’ve had other people tell me it looks pretty on me, but it isn’t one I find myself grabbing often.

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Apple-Strudel-SwatchApple StrudelPeach

This is another color I really like; it is a peach with cool -pink undertones. It has just enough color to stand on its own, though I have also worn it over peachy lipsticks too. Its a little on the milky side, but it sheers out just enough on my lips to keep it from washing me out.

This is my favorite of the pinky shades I own. While it is a touch too sheer to be bright, it still adds a fresh pop that makes me feel like I look more awake when wearing it. (Does that sound weird? Well, I am pretty weird so to each their own I suppose…)

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Peaches-and-Cream-SwatchPeaches and CreamPink Coral

Peaches and Cream is another shade that appears straight-up pink on me, without a trace of coral. Not a touch of orange to speak of. I’d even go so far as to call this a hot pink, as it is pretty bright.

I don’t hate this color, but its not me. Just too … pink. I think its a little too bright in the wrong way for someone my age, with my coloring. I could see this being great for a more medium skin tone, or for someone a decade younger. Its got the potential to be a fun color, but as it stands I only wear this over a more brown-toned nude lipstick, to add a little shine and liven it up a touch.

NYX-Butter-Gloss-Cherry-Cheese-Cake-SwatchCherry Cheese CakeOrange

Okay, this color I actually purchased by mistake. I thought I had ordered Cherry Pie, originally, but must have clicked on the wrong one. Imagine my shock when I opened the tube and saw a bright orange gloss instead of the cherry red I was expecting!

I call this a happy accident, as I wound up really liking this color! Yes, it is orange. No two ways about it; the tube is neon orange, the gloss itself swatches as a true (but thankfully less neon) orange. But on the lips? Something magical happens. Swiped once and sheered out over my natural lip color, this shade winds up being the perfect coral shade I was looking for! It is bright, yes, and applied heavily it can definitely appear too orange on me, but when applied with a light hand, I love it. I’ve worn this one many times and gotten quite a few compliments on it.


Have I gushed enough about these glosses to get my point across yet?

I love them; adore them, even. They’re the perfect gloss for me, and their $5.00 price tag only makes them all that much more attractive. I like that I can easily find them at my local Target and that they’ve been expanding the line to include new shades.

7 thoughts on “NYX Butter Gloss Review

    1. That’s how my obsession with them started. I picked up one on a whim (probably for the name). Then another. Then another…

      Angel Food Cake is my current favorite!

  1. These ate my absolute new FAVORITE thing!. I can’t find the darker nude shades in Target or CVS yet, Tiramisu is almost too light for me and I actually have the red, Cherry Pie, and it actually WORKS for me! Reds rarely work for me. And Robin, just like you I have lots of long, thick, layered hair and this stuff is actually doable with this mop. My poor dry lips worship these!! Any clues as to when the darker nudes will be popping up?

    1. I find its pretty hit or miss with which stores carry which colors; I wound up having to order most of mine, as my local Target and Ulta had the same shades again and again!

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