See me at New York Comic Con Oct. 5-8!


My most favorite time of the year approaches once again–New York Comic Con!

I will be attending all four days again this year. This is my first year attending under my “professional” banner and, not gonna lie–I shed a few tears when NYCC graced me with a pro pass. I owe that all to you wonderful people. I couldn’t be doing this without you! Each and every one of you who are reading The Warding, enjoying Caitlin’s tale, and patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for the next installment are my heart and soul.

As a thanks for all of the love and support you’ve shown me, I have some nifty Warding swag in the works for fans new and old that I will be giving out at NYCC. ::the maniacal cackle goes here:: Sneak peaks and teasers will be shown on my social media over the next few months.

So; are you attending New York Comic Con? Are you as excited for it as I am??

If so, shout it out! Come find me and show me some Warding love!

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