You guys rock.

Iron has been out for two weeks today and… Wow. Just wow.

I had very modest hopes, going into this indie publishing thang. I’m just a nearly broke girl from Jersey with a story in her head and the determination to see it into print, come hell or high water. I didn’t (and, well, still don’t) have a lot to spend on marketing. So, I went with a soft launch (giggity) and figured I’d see what happened while I continued to work on book two, Faster. With only a single title to sell, whose sequel is roughly a year away from publication, I wasn’t expecting much. I just hoped one or two people out there would take a chance on it and pick up copies–and, even better, that at least one of those two would like it!

So far, I’ve sold copies every single day. Some days more than others, but all of them are more than I had ever hoped. Some have even been sold internationally, which just boggles my mind (and makes me jump up and down with excitement). When I wrote myself up a “three year plan” and tried to figure out my dream job goals for the years to come, I had only hoped to “break even” in Iron‘s first year. (Again, a modest goal as I had kept my production costs low as a newbie author with no fan base.)

Well, two weeks in I’m just about a third of the way to that goal. And that freaking astounds me. (In the best possible where-are-the-tissues way, of course!) I know there will come a day when I won’t always be riding this high. Sales may dip, or I’ll get some bad reviews and spend a few hours hiding under my exploding TARDIS blanket with a box of tissues for a whole ‘nother reason… But that is not this day. Right now, I’m feeling a bit like a rockstar and I have all of you to thank for it.

Thank you for reading Cat’s story. Thank you for not minding her potty mouth and penchant for bemoaning her luck. Thank you for giving me such wonderful reviews. Thank you for spreading the word and sharing the existence of this wacky little urban fantasy with others.

But, most of all, thank you for giving Iron a chance.


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