Sugarpill Cosmetics Sparkle Baby Palette Review

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

“Let your inner princess shine! A high-glitz eyeshadow collection for living dolls. Ultra girly, shimmery shades to satisfy your sweet tooth!”

Man, oh man–I feel like we were waiting for this palette! It was months ago when I first saw swatches of the single shadows from this collection up on a few blogs and from that moment on, I was stalking the Sugarpill Cosmetics website, waiting to pounce the moment this baby became available.

I adore Sugarpill shadows. They have some of the boldest, craziest colors I have ever seen and their quality is stellar. Every single shadow I have tried from them has been buttery smooth, super pigmented, and downright phenomenal when it comes to lasting power.

Sadly, I don’t find myself reaching for the Sugarpill shadows I have (i.e. the Burning Heart and Heart Breaker palette shades).The problem? I just don’t have much call for bright blues, reds, and oranges in my day-to-day makeup life. I wish that were different, of course, but as it stands I find myself sticking more to the neutrals of my Urban Decay Naked 1 or 3 most days instead.

So, when I saw they’d be exploring their “softer” side with the ultra girlie, mostly pastel shades in this, the Sparkle Baby Palette, I was over the moon. The day it went up for sale, I made sure it would be mine!

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette Open
(I used the slipcase to cover the mirror on the inside of the upper lid. Figured y’all didn’t need a shot of my boobs in the frame!) From left to right: Kitten Parade, Frostine, Candy Crush, and Hotsy Totsy.

This palette contains four full-sized .12oz eyeshadows and retails for $34.00 (a $48.00 value if the shadows were purchased singularly). This palette definitely screams girlie and fun to me–I mean, look at the sparkle on Kitten Parade!! Like all Sugarpill shadows, these are just so stinking gorgeous I almost don’t have words for them.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette Kitten Parade FrostineMy favorite shade out of all of these is Kitten Parade, which id described as a “delicious shimmery peach with opulent golden sheen.” It is an absolutely stunning color and I had nothing like it in my collection previously. Kitten Parade is the most shimmery color in the palette, and that golden shimmer really makes it pop. The formula is awesome; it goes on smoothly with not a single bit of fallout. This will likely be the color I wind up using the most in this palette, as I can see that lovely peachiness pairing wonderfully with a ton of otherwise neutral looks.

Sugarpill also has a fabulous tip for this color that I’m dying to try: “Blends seamlessly with any skin tone AND makes the prettiest cheek highlighter! Your new everyday go-to shade.”

The next color is a slightly more matte shade (perhaps it is more of a satin; it does have a bit of a silvery-pink reflective sheen): Frostine. They call this shade “frosty pastel lavender for the sweetest of angels” and say it “makes a perfect inner corner eye highlight!” It is a lovely, cool toned lavender and, again, fills a hole in my color collection.

Theformula on this one is a touch less buttery than the shimmery Kitten Parade, but it still applied nice and even, with a very subtle shimmer to it.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette Candy Crush Hotsy TotsyThe next super shimmery shade is Candy Crush, a “glistening mint pearl.” Not loving the name (as I’m one of the ten people on the planet not obsessed with that silly game), but I’ll forgive them because I love all things green. This sparkly, minty shade had me smitten right off the bat. Its a lovely cool blue-green shade with plenty of silvery shimmer–guh. Gorgeous. A very close second behind Kitten Parade in the love department.

I have to say–this shadow was super creamy feeling and went on smoothly. I’m really loving Sugarpill’s shimmer shadow formula–I think I might like it even more than their standard matte formula!

The last shade in this palette was the only one I don’t really care for: Hotsy Totsy, a “sweet magenta with iridescent fairy sparkles.” This kind of mega-bright hot pink just isn’t a color I gravitate towards, and I kind of feel it was a little out of line with the rest of the palette. I, personally, would have preferred a lighter, more girlie pastel pink–especially one with the shimmer that Kitten Parade and Candy Crush have!

I also feel this was the least successful formula in the bunch, bring a touch dry and possibly even a teeny tiny bit gritty feeling. It was the only one that I could not get to swatch smoothly; it came off a bit patchy on my skin. It applied more evenly on the eye, with a brush, but still felt a bit dryer than the other three did.

They also say that this shade doubles as a cheek color, but I don’t really think that will work for someone as fair as I am; its just a bit too dark to pull off, even with a very light hand.


Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette Swatch
From left to right: Hotsy Totsy, Kitten Parade, Frostine, and Candy Crush.


Run, do not walk, to the Sugarpill website and snatch this puppy up. If you are a fan of shadows that manage to be both bright and soft at the same time, you need these in your life. They are just so beautiful; their true depth cannot be captured by my camera and they really need to be seen first hand.

I’ve been a long time fan of Sugarpill but this new collection takes them to a whole new level for me. I’m loving the variety they are adding and really hope we’ll see more of these shimmery shades from them in the future!

3 thoughts on “Sugarpill Cosmetics Sparkle Baby Palette Review

  1. The packaging is so adorable…and I’m with you, I don’t reach for crazy colored eyeshadows too often, so this looks perfect!

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