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The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot

~where Art meets Intuition~

An art-inspired tarot deck, featuring the beautiful works of master artists from the the late 1800’s and early 1900’s such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edmund Blair Leighton, John Collier, John William Waterhouse, and more.

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_If you're a young, fashion savvy woman, this is a must-read._ Ernest JamesEmerging From Darkness: A Shadow Work Tarot deck, and its accompanying guidebook, are currently in creation. Hand-drawn in charcoal and pastels, this deck will focus on the shadow connections of the Major Arcana, and how they can be used to identify the hidden aspects of our psyche.

This deck and guidebook will also explore a method of personal Shadow Work through the use of entire tarot and explain how the cards can be used for not only revealing our shadows, but healing them as well.

Shadow Work is a valuable personal tool—scary and uncomfortable at times but also integral to our self-developmental processes. Once we have accepted a particular shadow part of ourselves, we can allow the old wounds that caused it to heal, opening ourselves up to new possibilities with a deeper understanding of our own psyches moving forward.

Deck and book are expected to be available in 2020. If you would like to see this deck emerge as it is created, please check out Robin’s Patreon page.