Ipsy Review – July 2014

Ipsy July 2014

“Here comes the sun and a Glam Bag full of beauty products so good that even the sun would worship it. There isn’t a gray cloud in sight this summer as we give you an amazing selection of brands and products fit to help keep you looking your best during summer’s brightest days and warm long nights.”

Nice try, Ipsy, but there isn’t a single thing in this bag I would use to “look my best.”

I am sad to say that both of my favorite subscriptions were a bust this July. First POPSUGAR disappointed me, and now I have to say, Ipsy was even worse. Its rare that I dislike my Ipsy bag but this month I didn’t like a single thing about it, from the products that I was sent to the bag itself (which really looks like a giant, hot pink ravioli made from some strange, foamy feeling material).

It was like they took their Ipsy Match quiz and threw it right out the window when selecting the bag for me this month–I got nothing I have marked as a like, and only things I have marked as dislikes or that I have consistently reviewed poorly.

I was so displeased with this bag that I almost didn’t bother posting it, but I felt it would be dishonest to shower praise upon them most months of the year and then skip over the lackluster ones. Please excuse the meh photos; I used my iPhone as I was so disappointed I just couldn’t bring myself to trot out and set up the Rebel for this review.

Anyhow, let’s take a quick peek at the stuff that I got in this month’s bag…

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Lorac Pro To Go Eye/Cheek Palette Review

LORAC Pro To Go Palette

“Go PRO with LORAC! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette includes 3 shimmer and 3 matte eye shadows, 2 eye shadow brushes, 2 blushes, and a bronzer – everything you need to look glamorous on the go. LORAC’S velvety-smooth Eye Shadows and Blushes are ultra-pigmented and packed with long-lasting PRO power so you can easily contour, shade, line and define, just like a PRO!” 

I was a late-comer to the party on this one. Having so many eyeshadow palettes containing neutrals, I really didn’t feel I needed this one, despite the good press it has received since it first came out. I adore Lorac’s eyeshadows (owning and loving both the Unzipped and original Pro palettes)–but, as lovely as they are, I couldn’t justify buying yet another palette containing a selection of browns and creams, even if I loved the quality. So, for the longest time I passed this one by.

Then one day, when I was being particularly cranky (and lazy), I ran off to work with nothing more than BB cream on my face. When I took a look in the mirror later, I realized I looked pale and, well, dead. I badly needed some makeup to make me look less like a corpse dragged out of the river. I keep a pretty decent stash in my purse, but eyeliner and mascara alone weren’t cutting it. I needed color; something to bring a little life to my pale, flat complexion.

And, suddenly, the Lorac Pro-To-Go Palette had a place in my collection. Or more accurately, it found a place in my office desk drawer. This super compact, fold-able palette doesn’t take up a lot of space, which was perfect for my workplace needs–but despite its small size, it contains six complimentary neutral eyeshadows with both shimmer and matte finishes, plus two blushes, a bronzer, and a decent sized mirror of its own.

Well, well, well now. Wasn’t this the perfect solution for my troubles on those days when I was running late (or just too lazy) to do my makeup before getting to work?

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Palette Review

Anastasia Contour Palette

“Sculpt and define your features with 6 powders designed to contour and highlight. 
Palette includes removable powders that expertly emphasize your eyes, cheekbones, nose, and jawline.”

This is another one of those products that everyone and their mother seems to have reviewed–and raved about. I am nowhere near to being a contouring maven myself. I watch Youtube videos of ladies working their contouring magic with my jaw hanging open. I’ve always wanted to make that sort of mystical slimming wonderment happen on my own round, pale face. So when I heard how wonderful the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit was–with three highlight shades and three bronzer/contour shades–and that even paler skinned ladies were loving it, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

The only problem was, the rest of the world seemed to have decided that very same thing. Both of my local Sephoras were out of it, each time I checked. Even the website was out of stock. I waited months and months for it to come. (Or maybe I’m exaggerating. It might only have been weeks–but it sure as hell felt like a lifetime.) I was so happy when I got the in stock email; I was finally going to get my hands on it! The next day I went to place my order… And it was back out of stock already.

Can you imagine the unhappy face I had on, over here?

Fed up with waiting, I went right to the source–to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and ordered it up there. When it finally arrived, I ripped open that package like a mad woman. Was it worth the wait?

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It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Review

Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

“It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in product repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, smooths & controls frizz, seals & protects hair color, detangles, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, flat iron & thermal protector. An excellent nourishing treatment that can be used alone and/or as a restorative styling product that leaves hair soft and bouncy. Works on all hair types to bring out natural luster and manageability while also making hair stronger and healthier with every use. Can be used on wet hair for extra shine or dry hair in place of a styling cream.”

I am not a big “hair product” person. To be honest, I rarely put any styling products in my hair and my blow dryer has been used less than a dozen times. I’m just incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair. I have really good intentions every single time I get it cut–I buy new products, I promise myself I will make an effort to style it and make it look half as good as my stylist does at the salon aaaaaaand… The next day its back to being pulled back in a ponytail.

I guess I’m something of a beauty conundrum. I’ll spend hours upon hours playing with makeup, and spend buckets of cash on fancy skin care products and facials, but I loathe fussing with my hair. I go way too long between cuts and dyes because it makes me wince to spend that kind of $ on something I care so little about.

Sadly, I have yet to find something so simple that suits me, so instead I keep it on the longish side and bemoan its temperamental existence. No matter how enthused I get about trying to make it look nice, it never does what I want it to (being fine, thin, and prone to frizziness), so I quickly loose that gumption and fall back in my boring old habits. I’d rather hide it all under a bandana and call it a day.

I think, really, deep-down, just want a wash-and-wear style; something I can comb through, maybe spritz a single product in, and let air dry. With fine, limp, thinning hair that is pretty much impossible at the longer (or even mid) lengths I’ve had it at over the years. So maybe what I really need to do is stop waffling and take the plunge into a short cut. But with my chubby cheeks? I don’t know; maybe I’m just too chicken to rock a pixie…


Well, now that I’ve gone off the deep end there and unloaded all my hair woes upon you, dear reader, let me brush my neuroses back under the rug and get on to the item I’ll be reviewing today. As you have already guessed, it is going to be a hair product. And, given how cranky I become at the mention of hair, you can probably imagine my surprise when I finally fell in love with a hair product and have been using it every day without fail since I purchased it. That product is the aptly named, It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.

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EcoTools Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set Review

EcoTools Beautiful Expression Kabuki Set

I am a complete and total brush whore.

I have more brushes than any one (sane) person should have, but I am constantly lusting after more. When I saw this adorable little EcoTools Limited Edition Beautiful Expression Kabuki Set on Amazon, I couldn’t help myself. Regularly priced at $14.00, this set was on sale for $8.99 at the time I purchased it.

Four kabukis for under $10.00?


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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review ~ July 2014

POPSUGAR July 2014

“What inspired us for July?

Hot summer nights. Eating al fresco. Longer days. Lemonade. Sunshine. Vacation. Outdoor workouts.”

~Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR Founder & Editor in Chief

I have high expectations for things that come out in the month of July, with it being my birth month and all. Kind of like, I expect subscription box that crosses my doorstep to be a nice little surprise birthday present for myself. POPSUGAR Must Have has been my reigning favorite among subscriptions, so I’ve come to expect the best from their boxes. When I cam home to that familiar pink-and-white box last night, I immediately got excited. (Which would be the explanation for these rather poor iPhone photos–I was too excited to break out and set up the Rebel!)

So, did POPSUGAR deliver?

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Sugarpill Cosmetics “Heart Breaker” Palette Review

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Eyeshadows

Yup, I’m cheating again. As with the Burning Heart palette I reviewed a little while back, I do not actually have the pre-assembled Sugarpill Cosmetics Heart Breaker Palette. Instead, I own all four shades that make up that palette, each individually packaged. Again, I had purchased a few of the colors separately and then just decided to buy the ones I was missing from that “set” rather than purchase the actual palette and have duplicates.

So, pretend those eyeshadows are housed in the pretty packaging Sugarpill provides for all its palettes and come take a look at the four colors from their Addicted To Pretty collection!

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