POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review ~ October 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014

What inspired us for October?

Tricks & treats. Cat eyes. Moonlight. Getting cozy. Pumpkin spice.

~Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR Founder and Editor in Cheif

This review is coming very late this month, but my box only–finally–arrived today.


I won’t even get started on the shipping debacle POPSUGAR had this month. Suffice to say, they switched up their website last month and it caused a heap of problems, one of which was, possibly, the huge delay they had in shipping out October’s box. Not really sure, as their customer service was uncustomarily unhelpful when people (myself included) voiced concerns over having been charged with no inkling of a box being shipped, either in our online account or via email… To be honest, I never got any shipping notification this month. My account online remains blank, showing no shipment/tracking info, and no email ever graced my inbox.

But; whatever. I came home today to the surprise of it being on my porch. So, of course, I dove right in (and thus apologize for my less than stellar iPhone photos).

I was over the moon with last month’s box–so did this one live up to my expectations?

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Memebox #39 Cafe Box Review

Memebox Cafe Edition“Wake up and smell the coffee has just taken on a whole new meaning! We’ve rounded up freshly brewed beauty goods that will remind you of your favorite indulgent drinks from your go-to coffee joint. Indulge your senses in a swirl of sweet sin, and brim with delight with milky sweeties that will boost your beauty!”

Well… It has finally happened. I’ve gotten a Memebox I was incredibly disappointed with.

I’ll pause for a moment to let that sink in.

And sigh heavily while doing so.

Normally, I’m over the moon with every single Memebox I receive. They are, hands down, my absolute favorite subscription box when it comes to skin and body care items. Normally, I tend to go for the Global boxes, which are always a hodgepodge of surprises. The moment I saw the #39 Cafe Box available for pre-order, however, I jumped on that shit. I’m a coffee fiend. I practically worship my Keurig like a pagan deity and I adore coffee scents–candles, scrubs, lotions; you name it, if it smells like a freshly brewed pot of coffee (or even a nice milky caramel latte), I want it.

So, a box full of cafe-inspired goodies sounded amazing. I had seen reviews of their chocolate themed box and it was incredibly chocolatey and amazing, so my head was full of expectations for equally delicious smelling goodies in the #39. I thought we’d be getting some sweet coffee shop type treats, like vanilla and caramel scents, along with tons of coffee containing or coffee scented products!

Unfortunately, Memebox had a completely different take on what “cafe” items meant, and when I opened this box, I was crestfallen (to say the least).

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Sugarpill Cosmetics Sparkle Baby Palette Review

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

“Let your inner princess shine! A high-glitz eyeshadow collection for living dolls. Ultra girly, shimmery shades to satisfy your sweet tooth!”

Man, oh man–I feel like we were waiting for this palette! It was months ago when I first saw swatches of the single shadows from this collection up on a few blogs and from that moment on, I was stalking the Sugarpill Cosmetics website, waiting to pounce the moment this baby became available.

I adore Sugarpill shadows. They have some of the boldest, craziest colors I have ever seen and their quality is stellar. Every single shadow I have tried from them has been buttery smooth, super pigmented, and downright phenomenal when it comes to lasting power.

Sadly, I don’t find myself reaching for the Sugarpill shadows I have (i.e. the Burning Heart and Heart Breaker palette shades).The problem? I just don’t have much call for bright blues, reds, and oranges in my day-to-day makeup life. I wish that were different, of course, but as it stands I find myself sticking more to the neutrals of my Urban Decay Naked 1 or 3 most days instead.

So, when I saw they’d be exploring their “softer” side with the ultra girlie, mostly pastel shades in this, the Sparkle Baby Palette, I was over the moon. The day it went up for sale, I made sure it would be mine!

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Birchbox Review ~ October 2014

Birchbox October 2014

October 2014: Fanfare

Obsessed. Addicted. Can’t get enough. Hold my calls.

Whether you’re excited about blockbuster season, geeking out about fall TV premieres, or searching for a new soundtrack, everyone has a fan in them. This month, we’re sharing our passions–and we want you to share yours! Use the card in this month’s box to broadcast your favorite show/book/movie/musician to the interwebs. Here’s to an entertaining month!

My Birchbox actually came pretty early this month buuuuut I was so wrapped up in the New York Comic Con madness it just kind of fell to the back burner. As, well, most things tend to do for me come early October. Nothing beats the geek in me, I guess. (Which, now that I think about it, is kind of fitting with the “Fanfare” theme, isn’t is? I certainly do have a fan in me and she does tend to get obsessed…)

I was pleasantly surprised by my September Birchbox, so I was really looking forward to this month. Would it trounce Ipsy yet again? I haven’t gotten my Ipsy bag yet, but I did get a sneak peek into my Glam Room and I have to say, it wouldn’t take much effort on Birchbox’s part.

So, let’s see what I got in my October box…

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer Review

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

“Working hand in hand with leading plastic surgeons, Bye Bye Under Eye was created as a full coverage, highly pigmented anti-aging concealer that utilizes truly innovative technology and ingredients – giving women the power to finally say “bye -bye!” to stubborn under-eye issues. Bye Bye Under Eye offers a waterproof, yet moisturizing, formula that stays put no matter what. The truly innovative formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen, which are clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area.”

I have some terribly dark circles beneath my eyes. A combination of very thin, pale skin and likely a good dose of genetics has had me combating the bruised, sleep deprived look all my life. Entering my 30’s has made it worse, with fine lines beginning to appear (nooooooo!) and my skin becoming drier as the years go by. Powder or mineral concealers were my thing for the longest time, but they just weren’t fitting the bill anymore. I had to go in search of a decent cream concealer.

I had received a sample of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer in a QVC beauty sampler some months back. I was pretty impressed by it at the time but, unfortunately, they sent a medium shade which was far too dark for my pale complexion. So, when I started noticing my under eye area was resisting the use of my tried-and-true Bare Escentuals Bisque more and more, I decided to order up the lightest shade and see what that did for me…

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Benefit Dandelion Blush Review

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Box Blush“Fake awake in just one stroke with Dandelion—Benefit’s long-lasting, pressed highlighting powder in ballerina-pink. Its shimmery, satiny, and radiant formula leaves an immediate perk-me-up finish that brightens up your face—even at eight in the morning.”

I’ve only recently started getting in to blushes. For years, I didn’t wear any. My rosacea flush was terrible, and I had such a fear of being too red/pink that I just never even bothered to try applying any.

As the years went on and I learned to keep my rosacea in check, I found myself sometimes having the opposite problem: without blush, my naturally pale complexion kind of looked… Well, sickly. I was pale and washed out. I needed a touch of color on those days, so I slowly began dipping my toe into the world of blush and found one or two that I loved–usually peachy or coral-toned blushes that didn’t call too much attention to my pink undertones. I just knew, in my heart of hearts, that pinks would look terrible on me–so I never bothered to try them

Then, the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Eye and Cheek Palette came into my life. The blush included in it–described as a “nude rose”–was a pink shade. I tried it on with trepidation… And fell head over heels in love. I found myself wearing it every day, even when I wasn’t using the eyeshadows in the palette. Me, loving a pink blush!

I felt like Ariel, singing about the whole new world of makeup that had just been opened up to me!

Around the same time, I went on a bit of a Benefit Cosmetics kick. I had already fallen in love with their ‘Hello Flawless!’ Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation and, again, a floodgate was opened. It was a brand I had always heard such wonderful things about, but had–for some unknown reason–had never bothered to try for myself. That had to change. I had to try more and more of their products. Their Dandelion Blush was one of the first things I had to get my hands on.

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Koelf Foot Peeling Balm Review

Koelf Foot Peeling Balm

This is a sponsored post.

“This moisturizing foot balm softens and smooths hardened skin and calluses on heels, knees, elbows, and wherever else necessary. It is especially effective for pampering tired feet after prolonged high heel wear.”

I love Memebox. They’re seriously my favorite subscription box type service out there. The beauty products coming out of Korea these days are stellar; my sensitive skin loves their skin care and their makeup is some of the most innovative I’ve ever seen.

When Memebox contacted me and asked me if I had any interest in reviewing the Koelf Peeling Balm, I jumped at the chance. This summer was not kind to my feet, as I live in sandals June through October (of for as long as I can, given the temperamental New Jersey weather). Hell, if it was possible I’d be barefoot year ’round! So, my heels have been looking dry and rough as of late. I was eager to try out something that promised to help them become smooth and soft again!

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